Audio editing on the go

The iTunes app store is teeming with  applications ready to be taken advantage of by multimedia-obsessed journalists. This, obviously, is a good thing. But since there are a lot of complicated tools out there that might trip up a reporter on deadline, it’s probably best to stick to the good and simple applications iTunes has to offer.

I stumbled upon the Hindenburg Field Recorder while researching such easy-to-use applications. 


The general gist of the app:

1. You record your interviews through its interface

2. You edit the recording from your phone with a system similar to Audacity (this includes being able to layer sound clips, if you’d like)

3. Once edited, you can share the file straight from your phone via email, SoundCloud, iTunes, or load it onto an FTP server.

The “lite” version of Hindenburg is free (through this you can edit and export a maximum of one minute of audio), but the full application is $29.99. A little steep for a reporter’s pocketbook– but you can’t put a price on convenience, right?


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